Technology Development for Clean Production of Renewable Bioproducts and Liquid Biofuels

In phase 1, a mid-size modular processor with a capacity of 2 ton/day is considered to manufacture as a demonstration plant. As the system is modular it can be made based on the customer's needs, application and budget. We believe both the technology and skid-mounted processors have great market potential in North America, Europe and South-East Asia. Theses liquid biofuels can use in transportation industry (road, rail, marine,...), power generation (biopower), heat and power generation for off-grid and remote regions.

Highlights of the Technologies

  • Patented technologies to produce sustainable biofuels, proven through operations at pilot scale, virtually eliminates the treatment of any waste.
  • Multi-feedstock flexible technology converts most of the waste feedstocks and changes the unavailability/price susceptibility of the raw material(plant oil) to a sustainable cheap source.
  • Sulphur and aromatic free fuels
  • Green and Clean Technology applicable at ambient conditions
  • High yield and no loss of feedstock, minimum waste and byproducts

Renewable Octane Booster

Bench scale project on the basis of a renewable raw material is successfully done and mini-pilot scale is planned to be implemented by the end of 2016

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Renewable Cetane Booster

Lab-scale project on the basis of fat biomass is successfully done and minipilot scale is planned to be implemented by the mid of 2017

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A renewable fuel in a range of green solvent to biogasoline and ultimately a synthetic renewable diesel. The process is ready-to-apply for patent application and the technology and the product is ready for trademark registration

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Future Projects

Biochar modification for soil modification and assisted plant growth

Biodiesel new process

Green diesel new process

Mid-size CO2 Capturing and Conversion

Green Small-Scale CO2 Capturing and Mineralization

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